MRCI has a mission of providing innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with disabilities at home, at work and in the community. Their person-centered programming includes job training and placement, as well as providing other enriching community activities.  Last year MRCI traveled over 750-thousand miles to get clients to work. That’s a lot of miles that bring with them a lot of opportunities. Travel is a critical component of MRCI’s services, but it is not fully subsidized by the state. MRCI needs your help to keep clients on their journey to success.  Your donation of 65 cents a day will help them go the extra mile. Donate today at

Join us this month at MRCI Thrift Shop as we broadcast live each Tuesday at 2 pm!  Find out more about making donations, volunteering and special discounts that are offered at the MRCI Thrift Shop.

This week’s episode of our Power of 6 Podcast features MRCI’s Lisa Cownie and Kelly Sonnek from Jack Links, an employment partner of MRCI:



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