Jason Forest mugshot

(Faribault, MN) – An Owatonna man is facing criminal sex charges, accused of years of rape, molestation, and abuse of a boy with whom authorities say he had a significant relationship.

Jason Lamar Forest, 37, was charged Thursday in Steele County Court with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for the alleged abuse.

According to the complaint, a teen boy reported to Owatonna Police that he’d suffered years of emotional, physical, and sexual assaults at the hands of Forest.  The teen reported that Forest began assaulting him when they lived in Amboy, where Forest would call him into the basement and force him to remove his clothing or physically assault him.  The boy told police Forest would touch his private areas under his clothing, yell at him, and threaten to kill him.  The boy said the acts had happened “thousands of times” over the course of four years.

According to the complaint, Forest’s behavior escalated in the two years after they’d moved to Owatonna.  The boy told investigators Forest had raped him on multiple occasions and forced him to perform oral sex.  Forest also allegedly videotaped himself orally molesting the teen on two recent occasions, according to the complaint.

Court documents say Forest locked the boy in his bedroom approximately 10 times and threatened to kill him if he told anyone of the molestations.

Forest denied the accusations in a police interview last week.

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