Woman Allegedly Makes Repeated 911 Rants, Claims Police Racism

A 32-year-old Mankato woman is facing criminal charges after allegedly calling 911 repeatedly and ranting about her displeasure for the dispatchers and police.

According to the complaint, Sharee Tasha Nolan called 911 to report a civil incident regarding her neighbor this past spring. Officers responded, spoke with Nolan and the other parties and cleared the call.

Police say Nolan wasn’t satisfied with how the incident was handled and called 911 again. She was told that the officer was out at another call, and would get to her back when he was free, but Nolan allegedly called back another 6 times.


During the calls Nolan allegedly was yelling and swearing and claimed the dispatcher was lying to her and said “You so ****ing stupid,” and “I’m gonna keep calling.”

The complaint also alleges that she implied she wasn’t getting helped right away because she wasn’t a white man, saying “you gonna see what gonna be the racist card.”

After the 8th call, officers drove to Nolan’s residence and issued her a citation, which was formally filed as a summons this week for making emergency calls when there was no emergency.

As far as her complaint, the officer did call Nolan back when he became available, but she didn’t answer and never called him back.



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