(Windom, MN) – The Corn Plus ethanol plant in Winnebago will shut down operations.

Board of Director member Don Delanghe confirmed to SMN the plant would close at the end of the week, but declined to name a specific day.  Delanghe said the majority of employees will be laid off.

“It’s just been a pretty tough market in the ethanol industry for the last couple years,” Delanghe said of the decision to close the plant.  “There’s hardly any market. We get this in the cattle business sometime, hogs, corn, beans, oil.  You name it…commodity businesses have their cycles.”

Corn Plus began production in late 1994, according to the cooperative’s website.  Over 600 local shareholders own, support, and produce for the plant.

Delanghe wasn’t certain how many workers are employed at the plant, but he was certain about one thing.  The closing will leave a pall on Winnebago. “It’s gonna be kind of sad day.”

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