(Mankato, MN) – The St. Peter artist who created a “wings” mural that was recently defaced has a few words for the vandals.

Michael Cimino quickly repaired the mural after he learned of the vandalism Monday.  Then he took to Facebook to address the culprits.

“If you are going to vandalize a wall with a misogynistic, derogatory, niche acronym, you should probably choose one that doesn’t make it look like you don’t know how to spell the word ‘thought,’” Cimino said the first point in his post.

He then turned to the vandal’s use of the symbol of anarchy, and encircled letter “A,” saying its use only reaffirmed the idiocy of the vandals.

In his third and final point, Cimino disparaged the groups use of “THOT,” which means “that hoe over there.”

“These ‘thots’ you’re referring to; they are children, family’s, boys, girls, men, and women, who for their own reasons enjoy having their photo taken with a set of wings.”

In closing, the artist said the amount of art vandalism that’s occurred in the city this summer was well over his “threshold for inaction.”  He says he’ll offer a generous cash reward to anyone who can provide the names of the person or persons responsible, along with proof that they did it.

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