(Waseca, MN) – A Waseca man is facing criminal charges for an ATV crash that caused serious injuries to a woman earlier this summer.

John Robert McNair III, 21, is facing felony and gross misdemeanor counts of criminal vehicular operation, and misdemeanor counts of DWI, reckless, and careless driving.


According to court documents, McNair admitted to police he’d been drinking at a party at a river landing prior to taking three friends on an ATV ride June 29th.  The complaint says a male passenger sat with a female on his lap, while another female sat in the ATV box.


The female in the passenger seat appeared to go through the windshield, according to witness accounts.  She suffered a broken wrist and toe, and deep puncture wounds on her shin and foot.  The criminal complaint says the victim would also require screws and a plate in her foot, as well as skin grafts.


One of the ATV passengers told police she believed McNair may have intentionally swerved before the rollover on 320th Avenue.


McNair told police he was driving about 10 mph when he crashed, which he believed happened when he tried to correct the vehicle as something pulled the wheels.  An initial portable breath test at the crash site put his blood alcohol content at .08.  A blood sample collected nearly two hours later revealed a blood alcohol concentration of .06, according to the complaint.


McNair and his mother told investigators the ATV had never been registered for road use and there was no individual insurance policy on the vehicle.



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