(Windom, MN) – A warrant has been issued for a Windom man who is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Police say Otis Hne Doe, 28, fled a Windom home where he was having dinner with his ex and a friend following the assault.

The criminal complaint said Doe and his ex went to a friend’s Redding Avenue home for dinner on August 19th when Doe became upset she wouldn’t let him see her cell phone.  Doe began to argue with the victim, eventually pinning her against the wall by her neck with such force the wall caved in, according to the complaint.

Court documents say a friend was able to free the victim and she moved to the living room.  Doe allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife, followed the victim and argued for a bit before dropping the knife and pinning her to the wall again.

When the victim threatened to call law enforcement, Doe fled.

Police say the victim had strangulation marks around her need, scrapes on her arm, and a cut on her hand.

Doe was charged with felony 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in Cottonwood County.  His whereabouts are currently unknown.

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