Troy Almhjeld mugshot

(Mankato, MN) – A Mapleton man accused of brandishing a knife at police and keeping his girlfriend hostage in an apartment has been criminally charged.

Troy Blaine Almhjeld, 41, was charged Tuesday in Blue Earth County Court with two counts of felony kidnapping, two counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon, and felony 3rd-degree assault.

According to the criminal complaint, Mapleton police were responding to a domestic assault Sunday around noon where they found an injured bleeding man being treated by first responders.  The man told police that Almhjeld had stabbed him in the wrist.  Officers also noted other minor cuts on the victim.  The man said Almhjeld had held him in the kitchen against his will for three hours, pacing the kitchen while holding knives and talking about a conspiracy.  The man said Almhjeld stabbed him when he tried to get up.

Court documents say Almhjeld was holding a second victim hostage.  An earlier release from the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s office indicated the victim was Almhjeld’s girlfriend.  Police tried to establish communication with Almhjeld by phone and through the door, but he refused to come out.  Police say they broke in the door out of extreme concern for the safety of the girlfriend.

According to the criminal complaint, Almhjeld’s girlfriend was leaning over the kitchen table while Almhjeld kept one hand on her back.  He had two knives, according to the complaint, which police gave him repeated commands to drop.  Almhjeld said “no.”  At one point, police urged the girlfriend to run, but Almhjeld grabbed her and threatened to stab her.

Deputies pulled a taser, which agitated Almhjeld, according to the complaint.  “Almhjeld continued to scowl at officers and continued to say he was not going back and there was nothing they could do.  He rambled on about files at the government, how wrong they were,” says the complaint.

Court documents say Almhjeld put the knife at his girlfriend’s side and told police he was going to “do it.” He made stabbing motions before putting the knife to the woman’s side and began pushing, according to the complaint.   A deputy tasered Almhjeld twice and attempted to remove the knives from his hands.  Another deputy tased him a third time to get him to release the knives.

Almhjeld was arrested and remains in custody at the Blue Earth County Jail.

**Note:  The featured photo is a stock image and not a picture of the actual knife used in the alleged assault.

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