Zeal Nhial, most recent mugshot

(Mankato, MN) – A suspect who turned himself in to law enforcement for a robbery on Briargate Road was charged Thursday.

Zeal Nhial, 18, faces counts of felony 1st-degree robbery and kidnapping in Blue Earth County.

Nhial was taken into custody Wednesday in connection with the August 13th incident, which left the victim with injuries requiring hospitalization.

Nhial was part of a group of four or five suspects that approached a male victim at a bus stop and demanded money.  The robbers allegedly punched the victim and forced him in a vehicle that drove to an ATM, where they made him withdraw money.

Nhial was identified in a photo lineup as the man who accompanied the victim to the ATM.

Nhial is the second suspect connected to the robbery to be charged.   Nicholas Jamal Miller was charged Monday in Blue Earth County Court. Police say there are two or three additional suspects.

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