(Mankato, MN) – Erwin Steinke didn’t win a fabulous showcase, but the 84-year-old made every second of his national television appearance count.

The Marine Corp Veteran from New Ulm was featured Thursday morning on the age-old game show The Price is Right, hosted by comedian Drew Carey.

When Steinke’s name was called to “come on down” in the second half of the show, he jumped around and danced as he made his way to the front.  He then hugged the other contestants before turning to salute the crowd.

Steinke was in the show long enough to bid on two different prizes but overbid both times.


On the flip side, a Windom family’s Sunday interview on 60 Minutes wasn’t joyous, but heart-wrenching.

Mark and Jennifer Johnson appeared on the program Sunday evening to talk about Mark’s illness, Frontotemporal dementia (FTD).  The disease is the most common type of dementia in younger patients under age 60.  Host Bill Whitaker called it “the cruelest disease you have never heard of.”

The Johnson’s were married in 2006.  Three years ago, Amy began to notice some bizarre behavior from Mark.   “He went from being a caring, doting father and husband,” Amy said.  “It just seemed like he’d flipped the switch off.  And he had no idea that he had changed.”

Amy cared for her husband at home as long as possible while also raising four children and working a full-time job, but admitted him into a care facility at the advice of a psychiatric nurse practitioner.   She pays about $7,000 per month for his care, using the couple’s retirement savings.

Dr. Ted Huey told 60 Minutes that the outcome of FTD is always death.  The disease causes bodily functions to shut down, which leads to the patients’ demise.

But Dr. Huey believes a breakthrough is coming in the next five years.



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