(St. James, MN) – The St. Cloud Huskies hockey team likely didn’t expect their trophy-winning weekend to end with a night in jail.

On their way back from Nebraska, the team bus became stuck in a drift on a county road outside of St. James, where they sat until a plow could lead them out with some assistance from the Watonwan County Sheriff’s office.

The team’s assistant coach Mike Gibbons chronicled the adventure on Twitter, saying “Stuck between 2 huge drifts.  Rations & fuel running low, toilet is filling up, 911 said ‘It’s gonna take awhile.’  Whatever that means.”  Gibbons posted a video of the players attempting to free their bus, hockey-style:

After the rescue, the boys were taken to the Watonwan County Jail, where they were fed a jail meal and took a few photos with Sheriff Barry Gulden.

“Traded Penrose Cup for our Freedom,” Gibbons tweeted.

St. Cloud Huskies with Sheriff Barry Gulden of Watonwan County after becoming stuck on a county road on their way back from Omaha. – February 24, 2018

Gibbons tweeted last night that the team had made it safely back to St. Cloud.

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