St Peter Woman Accused Of Whipping Children With Plastic Hangers and Cords

A 40-year-old woman from St. Peter is accused of using a hanger and cord to whip her sons, because it hurt her hand to spank them.

Sharee Layne Siebert is charged with two counts of malicious punishment of a child and two counts of domestic assault.

Court documents say that police were called to an apartment at 204 Jefferson Avenue on May 29th to do a welfare check. When the officer approached, he could hear a woman inside yelling and a child saying “I am bleeding” and “Quit hitting me.”

Once Siebert answered the door, a 13-year-old boy ran out and told the officer that his mother had been hitting him and his brother with plastic clothes hangers and also a plastic cord from an oxygen tank. He also said she pulled his hair, picked him up by the ears and was throwing things at them. Both he and his brother had bruises and marks.

Police say Siebert told them she was angry because the boys didn’t go to sleep when they went to their bedroom, and that she hit them with the hanger because it hurt her hand to spank them.

The boys were placed with their father at the time. The father had been the person who requested the welfare check after getting a call from one of the children, after which Siebert grabbed the phone away from the boy and left him with a scratch across his stomach.




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