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(St. Peter, MN) – A St. Peter father who punished his son for wetting himself by leaving him alone in the woods was sentenced to a month in jail.

Gregory Allan Wilson, 32, was convicted of gross misdemeanor child neglect in Nicollet County District Court Wednesday.  Charges of malicious punishment of a child and domestic assault were dismissed pursuant to a plea agreement signed by Wilson in May

District Court Judge Allison L. Krehbiel sentenced Wilson to 30 days in the Nicollet County jail with credit for two days already served.  Wilson will also be required to comply with a child protection case plan and follow all recommendations.  He must also attend individual therapy.

In August 2018, Wilson’s 5-year-old son was found in the walking in the rain on Highway 169 south of St. Peter.  The child told police his mother and father had dropped him off in the woods because he was naughty.

Wilson and his girlfriend, Lynda Michel, later admitted to police that the boy had urinated on clothing, so they drove up 387th Avenue and made the child get out of the car before driving away.  They told police the boy was gone when they returned.

Investigators found multiple bruises on the boy’s lower back, buttock, and hips.  Allan admitted to spanking the boy earlier that day.

Michel’s sentencing is scheduled for October 8th.

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