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Greg Travis

Personal Info: I was born June 23rd. The doctors at Southdale Fairview hospital in Edina, Minnesota were the first ones to slap my butt. Many others would like to do the same…the line forms at the rear. Get it? The rear? Butt seriously…

Education: Can you believe I actually went to college for this? I’m a ’91 graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul and in another 10-15 years I hope to have paid off almost of my college loans.

Career: After radio gigs in Osakis, Alexandria and Marshall, I’ve now been waking up greater Mankato since August of 1997. I live in lovely Lake Crystal where I’m currently trying to start a movement whereby we change the pronunciation to “Lake Cristal” like the fancy champagne just to add some more class to an already classy community.

Family: My wife Karrie and I have been happily married for 10 years. Unfortunately, we’ve been married since ’96. We have an amazingly cool son named Jake, a fraidy cat dog named Gracie, and two spoiled cats named Mitty and Snuggy. Needless to say, I do a lot of vacuuming.

Hobbies: I am a Minnesota sports freak!!! Twins, Vikings, Wolves, the Wild, Moondogs, and Mavericks. I can’t get enough. I’m also crazy about movies, music, reality TV, the state fair and the WWE. I also enjoy latch-hooking and long walks on the beach.