New Ulm Police Investigate “Garbage House”

Brown County Human Services is investigating what authorities have termed a “garbage house,” discovered after police detained two alleged juvenile burglars.

Court documents say police came upon the two juveniles around 1:00am on August 30th at North and Front Street. They were both dressed in black, wearing latex gloves and sporting walkie talkies.

Police say the two admitted that they had stolen items from about 20 vehicles in New Ulm the previous evening.

When an officer brought one of the boys, age 16, to his home on North Valley Street, when he stepped into the door there was a foul odor that appeared to be from a mixture of animal urine, food and garbage.

The officer says further inspection found trash, garbage and food everywhere, making it difficult to get around the house.

Police have since been granted a search warrant and have taken videos and photos of the conditions. Brown County Human Services is looking into whether the three children living there should be removed.

*The names and the address are public record, but not being used by KYSM



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