(Mankato, MN) – The Minnesota Department of Transportation is cautioning motorists ahead of blizzard conditions expected to affect the area Thursday.

MnDOT says forecasted winds will cause significantly reduced visibility and poor driving conditions, with whiteout conditions likely in open areas.

“Our snowplow crews are working to improve travel conditions,” said Chase Fester, MnDOT maintenance operations superintendent.  “We need motorists to do their part, keep a safe distance from the plow trucks and reduce all distractions and concentrate on driving.”

MnDOT reported recently that there has been over 25 crashes with snowplows on area roads.  Just this week, one person died in a crash with a snowplow in Wabasha County.

It’s recommended that motorists use their headlights and stay patient behind the wheel when snowplows are in the vicinity.  Drivers should leave at ten car lengths between their vehicle and the plow and keep speeds slow.

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