Mankato Cab Driver Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Passenger


A 25-year-old man from Mankato is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he had picked up in his taxi cab.

Mdashadul Ismal, aka Ishadul Islam Shovan, is charged with criminal sexual conduct in the 5th degree.

According to the complaint, a woman who was downtown drinking and highly intoxicated, got into Ismal’s cab around 2:20am on February 25th. It appears she then passed out, as the next thing she remembered was waking up in the parking lot near the Kwik Trip by MSU-Mankato.

Both she and the Ismal were in the back seat of the cab.

The victim says Ismal had his penis exposed and was trying to get her to perform oral sex. The victim was also concerned that penetration may have occurred because she found her underwear pulled down, but she wasn’t sure due to her intoxication level. The woman was able to get out of the cab and get into Kwik Trip and get a ride to a friend’s.

She later went to the hospital for a sexual assault exam.

When police questioned Ismal, they say he initially told them that it was the woman who was making unwanted sexual advances on him and he kept telling her to stop. Police say as the questioning continued, Ismal kept changing his story, eventually claiming that she took his penis out of his pants and started to give him oral sex, before he could push her away.

When asked why he would leave such information out in his initial statement, Ismal stated he was not thinking clearly.

Police also note that Ismal never notified the cab company that he had picked up the woman and GPS showed his cab was stationary for about 30 minutes the morning in question, suspicious because it was the busy weekend bar close time-frame.

Which cab company the driver was employed by is not stated in the complaint.



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