Mankato Business Owner Says Jordan Sands Claims That “Earthquake” Not Related To Blast

A Mankato business owner says that Jordan Sands is claiming that the tremors that shook Mankato in April were not related to a blast at its quarry that day.

Megan Hoogland, who owns Mecca Tattoo, says Jordan Sands held a neighborhood meeting at the Eagles Club last night and she says Jordan Sands officials told the crowd of about 50 that they had nothing to do with the earthquake-like tremors on April 25th.

“They kept saying there was the blast and…there was some other event and then seven seconds later there was an earthquake,” said Hoogland.

The alleged claim that there was no correlation between the events upset those in attendance. “I thought that everyone was going to eat them alive.  They didn’t even get through their presentation everyone was so mad,” said Hoogland.

Southern Minnesota News (SMN) called Jordan Sands to verify the information and to get a copy of last night’s presentation, but SMN was told that only one person could speak on the issue or provide the presentation – and that person didn’t have time to talk because he was traveling and in meetings today.

The city of Mankato is expected to provide an update on the case within the next 24 hours, and the final report on the Department of Public Safety’s investigation into the cause are expected within the next few days.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety has reported previously that the ground rattling was thought to be due to an explosion at the quarry, combined the weather that day causing what was called a “pressure wave.”

At this point, the city’s suspension of the blasting permit for the quarry at 900 Cleveland Street remains in place.

More than 40 homes/buildings have been inspected since the shaking. Some did suffer cosmetic damage, but the city says they didn’t find any with issues on structural integrity which would compromise safety.



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