Duvellasha Latrrie Lee mugshot

(Mankato, MN) – An Illinois man was jailed after police say he assaulted a woman at a downtown Mankato bar early Sunday morning.

Commander Dan Schisel of Mankato Public Safety says officers responded to Rounder’s Sports Bar and Grill on South Front Street around 12:42 a.m.  Bouncers from the bar led them to the suspect, who they had pursued on foot after he fled the bar.

An Illnois man, Duvellasha Latrrie Lee, 19 was arrested on possible charges of 3rd-degree felony assault, 5th-degree assault, and fleeing a police officer on foot.

Schisel said the woman was injured when she got between two males trying to break up a fight.  “There was some more severe injury, which then allows the third-degree assault,” said Schisel, who specified the victim had a facial laceration and was transported by ambulance for treatment.

Because the suspect was not of legal drinking age, there could be additional charges for the Blue Earth County attorney to consider.  “It appears that somehow he used some type of ID to get in there and whether or not they [the bar]caught that…but that is certainly an issue that will get sent over [to the county prosecutor],” said Schisel.

Lee remains jailed and charges are pending.

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