Ramon Flores mugshot

(Gaylord, MN) – A former Sibley County clergyman accused of inappropriately touching a young girl is facing criminal sex charges.

Sixty-two-year-old Ramon Flores, who was the pastor at Clear Lake Baptist Church in Gibbon, is accused of fondling his wife’s daughter.  Flores allegedly admitted that he is sexually aroused by the 11-year-old old girl.

According to the complaint, on March 25th the girl’s mother found her daughter bent over a bed with Flores standing behind her.  Both were fully clothed, but the mother reported the incident to police.

The 11-year-old told investigators that Flores had his “crotch up to her butt,” according to the complaint.  The girl said Flores touched her breasts that day and had done so on four other occasions as well.

Flores’ adult children reported to investigators that he had called them after the March 25th incident to admit that he’d rubbed up against the girl and had become aroused on multiple occasions doing the same, according to the complaint.

In a March 27th interview with police, Flores said talked about the girls developing breasts, describing them as “blossoming and budding.”  He admitted to the victim’s account of the March 25th incident, and said he had been getting sexually aroused when his wife walked in the room.  He admitted that he he also becomes aroused when he girl sits on his lap or lays by him.  Flores told police he’s a porn addict.

Flores is charged with felony second degree criminal sexual conduct in Sibley County Court.

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