(St. Paul, MN) –  Emerald ash borer (EAB) has been found in Brown County, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) confirmed Monday.

Brown County is the 21st county in the state with EAB.

According to a press release from the MDA, a tree care professional contacted the agency after they noticed an ash tree with EAB symptoms at a private New Ulm residence.  Live EAB larvae were collected by MDA staff for federal identification.

“This is one of the best times of year to notice dying and stressed ash trees,” said Mark Abrahamson, Director of MDA’s Plant Protection Division.  “Look for signs like dieback from the top of the tree, new shoots or growth at the lower trunk, bark splitting, and extensive woodpecker damage, and report these symptoms to the MDA.”

An emergency quarantine has been enacted on Brown County, limiting the movement of firewood and ash material out of the county.  This will reduce the risk of further spreading the tree-killing insect.

An open house will be held on Tuesday, October 8th to give Brown County residents more information about the discovery.  The open house will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Brown County Law Enforcement Center, Room B11.

Emerald ash borer larvae kill ash trees by tunneling under the bark and feeding on the part of the tree that moves nutrients up and down the trunk.  The invasive insect was first discovered in 2009 in Minnesota and is now found in 35 states.

Minnesota has approximately one billion ash trees, the most of any state in the nation.

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