(Mankato, MN) – The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine has ruled that an embattled local veterinarian’s license be suspended indefinitely.

Dr. James Rundquist, owner of Premier Veterinary Clinics in Waseca and Mankato, was given six months to pay a $25,000 fine to “discourage similar violations and to reimburse the board for the cost of investigation and proceeding,” according to a Final Order signed by the board on June 29th.

The order stipulates that Runquist may petition the suspension of his license after completing a number of continuing education courses for veterinarians and submitting to a comprehensive physical and mental health evaluation.

Rundquist was first reprimanded in March after failing to remedy multiple infractions the board found at his clinics.  His license was shortly after suspended, citing reports of unsanitary conditions and practices.

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