Your kids will love putting Santa’s treats out on Christmas Eve on this custom plate they made themselves! (With a little help from a grown-up).  Make sure you have the oil-based Sharpie pens (available at craft stores or Target and Wal-Mart).

Then, you can let your kids go crazy like I did (as you can see from the pictures).  My 8-year-old wrote ‘For Santa’ and then decided to draw the logos from his favorite football teams.  My 3-year-old helped finish the ‘decorations’.  Of course, if you wanted something a little more…structured…you could always design the plate yourself.  🙂

I bought a plain white plate at the dollar store.  Wash and dry it and then coat the surface using a cotton ball covered in rubbing alcohol. (You can also use rubbing alcohol as an eraser if you make a mistake).  When your design is complete put the ceramic in a cold oven then heat to 350 degrees and ‘bake’ for 30 minutes allowing to cool completely in the oven before removing.