(Redwood Falls, MN) – A Redwood Falls woman is accused of forging a check for snacks and driving off without paying a gas bill.

Ashley Marie Stavne, 34, was charged Thursday in Redwood County Court with gross misdemeanor counts of check forgery and offering a forged check, and misdemeanor counts of theft and fleeing a peace officer on foot.

According to the criminal complaint, police confronted Stavne after Casey’s General Store reported that she’d used another person’s check to purchase pizza, lottery tickets, and cigarettes at the store.  The store told police the check didn’t clear, and Stavne drove off without paying for $10.01 in gas.

Stavne told officers she received the check for babysitting for the account holder, but the man told police she had never babysat, nor had he given her a check.

During the course of the investigation, an officer observed Stavne crawl out of an upper story window and run on the roof of the Normandale Road home, according to court documents.  Officers found her hiding behind the chimney on the roof but Stavne ran from police when she was instructed to raise her hands, the complaint says.

Stavne was located a short while later on the ground on the north side of the home and tried to pull away as police cuffed her, according to the complaint.

Court records say the check was written for $95.89.

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