(Blue Earth, MN) – A Blue Earth mother stands accused of causing injuries to her daughter by smashing the girl’s face into a table.

Angela Marie Torgerson, 37, was charged last week in Faribault County Court with misdemeanor malicious punishment of a child.

Blue Earth Area Elementary School called child protection services on November 26th after a 10-year-old girl arrived at school with an ice pack on her wrist and an injury to her forehead, according to the complaint.

The girl told authorities that her mother – Torgerson – had smashed her head into a table and hit her on her butt with a hairbrush.  According to the complaint, the girl said she had lied to Torgerson about what she’d eaten for breakfast, which angered her mother, who began chasing her around the house.  Torgerson eventually caught the girl by the back of the hair and knocked her head into the coffee table, causing lacerations and bruising to the girl’s forehead and wrist, according to the complaint.

The complaint said the victim also had an oval mark on her buttocks that was consistent with the shape of the back of a hairbrush.

Torgerson admitted that she’d been angry with her daughter for lying about breakfast.  She told investigators her hand still hurt from spanking the girl, and that she hadn’t used a brush.  Torgerson alleged the girl had tripped in the kitchen, causing the injury to her forehead and wrist.  She told police her daughter is a perpetual liar.

The victim told investigators her mother had instructed her to tell the teachers the injuries were caused by a fall.  She asked child protective services in they were people who take children away from their parents, because her mother told her it would happen.

Torgerson was arrested and taken into custody at the Faribault County Jail.

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