(New Ulm, MN) – It’s the time of year when Minnesotans weary of winter face the cold head-on at the Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm.

The annual winter beer festival this Saturday is looking at decent weather for the festivities, with sunny skies and temperatures expected to hit a high of 10 degrees.  Historically, that’s a moderate forecast for the event, which has seen temps below zero and windchills tank out around 25 below in previous years.

As always, the brewery will have lots of beer on tap, music, brats, and a thirsty crowd eager to ziecke zacke.

According to the Schell’s website, the Seven Bocks of Winter will again be hidden around the brewery and in the adjacent Flandrau State Park waiting for “festers” to find them:  “Armed with completely useless clues and Bock beer, hunters will comb the park in search of these elusive bocks,” says the website.   “Legend has it if all Seven Bocks of Winter are captured and brought back to the brewery, winter will release its icy grip on Minnesota, and bring an early spring.”

Yes, we’re counting on the beer guzzlers of New Ulm to make spring happen.  Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!

The first keg will be tapped at 11 a.m.  Tickets are limited and can be purchased online.  A free shuttle to the brewery is available.

Photo Credit: Schell’s Brewery

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