Nicholas Jamal Miller

(Mankato, MN) – One of the men accused in a robbery last week Briargate Road has been charged after he turned himself in to police.

Nicholas Jamal Miller, 19, of Mankato faces felony charges of aggravated 1st-degree robbery and kidnapping in Blue Earth County.

Court documents say the male victim was waiting at a city bus stop in Mankato on August 13th when he was approached by three men who asked him for money.  “One or two” more men appeared shortly after with an AR-15, according to the complaint.  The victim told police there wasn’t a magazine inserted in the weapon.

The complaint says one of the robbers pointed the gun at the victim while the rest of the group forced him into a silver or black four-door sedan by punching him in the face.  His Apple watch was stolen during the assault, according to the complaint. The victim said the robbers then drove him towards the MSU campus to an ATM.

Zhial Neal, later identified by the victim in a photo lineup, was allegedly the man who walked the victim to the ATM and demanded he withdraw cash, according to the complaint.  Initially, $100 was withdrawn, but the victim said Neal demanded more money.  But the complaint states the ATM declined the transaction. The robbers then left the scene.

Police say video surveillance confirms the victim’s account of the events.

The victim suffered cuts and scrapes to his face, and was bleeding from his left ear and lip, according to the complaint.

Miller contacted law enforcement a week after the alleged crime to turn himself in.  While being transported to the jail, he admitted he was present during the incident, but said he did not do anything.

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