Woman’s Dog Attacked And Killed By 3 Other Dogs While Out For Walk In Northern Minnesota..

image source: wdio

A nice evening walk turned into tragedy for dog owner, Kayla Wennesson,a s she was walking her dog, Kaito, three dogs crossed the street and attacked.

It happened on the 400 block of 8th St. in Cloquet MN, two blocks from her mom’s house.

“It was just the most horrifying thing I’ve ever experienced and I didn’t know that was going to be the last time I was going to hold him alive,” Wenneson said.

She ¬†could do nothing but watch as her beloved pet fought for it’s life.

“I kept hitting the dogs with my feet and hitting the tops of the heads with their leash,” Wenneson said. “They didn’t even know I was there. They were just in attack mode to kill my dog.”

She said Kaito had no chance against the German Shepard mix and two Pitbulls. This is not the first incident with these particular dogs. Another woman and her dog were attacked on May 9.

“Since this has happened again, paperwork is being submitted to certify those dogs as dangerous dogs,” Commander Derek Randall of the Cloquet Police Department said.

To own a dangerous dog in the state of Minnesota, it requires proper enclosure, warning signs, and thousands of dollars of insurance as well.

“There’s also a possibility that they will be put down which is part of our city ordinance if we have animals that are attacking or have attacked or killed other domestic animals,” Randall said.


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