The Speed Limit Is About To Go Up On Area Highways!!

Five two-lane highways in south central Minnesota will have speed limit increases from 55 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour by September 29th.

The sections of highway which will have increased speed limits are:

  • Highway 30 from Westbrook to Highway 4
  • Highway 83
  • Highway 86
  • Highway 169 from Iowa to Mankato
  • Highway 257 (Hanska)

The higher speed limit will be effective as soon as the new signs are posted and several more two-lane highways in the area could have speed changes coming as early as this winter.

Similar bumps in the speed limit from 55 to 60 mph took effect last fall for several highway sections in the area including:


  • Highway 68 from Morgan to Highway 4
  • Highway 5 from Highway 19 at Gaylord to Highway 212
  • Highway 109 from Highway 169 at Winnebago to Highway 22 at Wells
  • Highway 60 from Highway 14 to Highway 13 at Waterville

The increases are the result of a 2014 legislative mandate for MnDOT to study posted speed limits on all 7,000 miles of two-lane state highways and make recommendations for possible speed limit increases.


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