Saying ‘I Do’…to Yourself

If you get invited to one of these types of weddings you won’t have to choose which side of the aisle to sit on.  Self-marriage or ‘Sologamy’ is a new wedding trend that is gaining popularity.  It’s exactly what it sounds like…the act of marrying yourself.  Supporters of the practice say it leads to a happier life, it’s all about vowing self-love and self-compassion.  So, is there actually a wedding? Sometimes.  Companies and Japan and Canada offer ‘solo wedding’ packages complete with a dress, flowers, photographer, limo and more.  This seems to be more common among women than men, the first woman to do this was in 1993.  Sologamy is not recognized as a legal union in the US or the UK.  \


Img Src: The Sun

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