Pizza Delivery Driver Smells Weed, Calls Cops….DRUG BUST.

Criminal charges have been filed against three people who were arrested after a search of their hotel room, after a tip from a pizza delivery driver.

The accused are 57-year-old Nancy Lou Antonson of Lake Crystal, 25-year-old Zachary Gordon Goodsell of Mankato, and 26-year-old Matthew James Holbrook of Mankato.

According to the complaint, police were called to a Mankato hotel around 2:30am Tuesday after a pizza delivery driver alerted staff about the smell marijuana and more coming from their room. The delivery person also said that the people in the room “were acting very strange and paranoid.”

Responding police could hear people in the room and knocked, but say that Goodsell told them he wouldn’t open the door without a search warrant. Hotel staff then requested that those in the room be removed and police told the occupants that they were going to open the door with a key. Officers say that’s when they heard the toilet flushing, presumably to get rid of narcotics.

Eventually Goodsell opened the door and police say they found a baggie with methamphetamine residue, a baggie with marijuana residue, syringes and a digital scale.

In Antonson’s purse, police say they found meth, a glass pipe, prescription pills, and a loaded gun, which Antonson said had been put there by Goodsell

All are charged with drug possession, possession of syringes, obstructing the legal process and trespassing. Antonson and Goodsell are also charged with being felons in possession of a firearm and ammo.



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