One Of The Men From Fatal Madelia Confrontation In Trouble With The Law…. Again

(Mankato, MN) – A 19-year-old man who was among the three would-be burglars involved in this year’s deadly confrontation at a home in rural Madelia is now facing theft charges from an unrelated incident.

Cornelius Ayers Jr. (pictured above) allegedly stole $300 from a Mankato residence he was visiting. Ayers is also suspected of stealing a pair of Beats headphones from a different person who lives at the same residence.

Police says when questioned Ayers Jr. admitted to stealing the cash, but denied taking the headphones.

The theft of the cash happened just a week after Ayers was sentenced for conspiracy to commit burglary for his role in the deadly Madelia confrontation.  Ayers was given just 15 days in jail, much less than his co-conspirator, reportedly because he had taken accountability for his actions and assisted with the investigation

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