Muskrat Sized Rats Invade St Paul Home Through Sewer.

Alicia Hoving of St Paul has lived what most of us think you could only see in a horror movie.

“When I came down to do laundry, I saw a rat coming out of the toilet,” said Alicia Hoving. “I thought it was a muskrat because it came out and it was about a foot and a half, two feet long.”

After she and her roommate got over the initial shock, they called an exterminator to their home near I-94 and Mounds Blvd in St. Paul. They then took some advice and duct-taped their toilet seat closed.

They haven’t lifted it since.

The the rats then chewed through the PVC pipe just a few feet away.

They were soon chewing through whatever they could to gain access to the main floor.

“They were up here, on the counter top, eating food,” said Hoving’s roommate.

They even tried to chew their way into the parrot cage.

They believe heavy rains, paired with recent construction to replace old culverts, were what was likely to blame for the initial invasion.

“The root of the problem is typically in the sewers,” said St. Paul Animal Control Supervisor Molly Lunaris.

Animal control believes they have addressed and corrected the problem, but advise anyone experiencing such activity to contact them…..




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