Mankato Public Safety Refuses To Issue Blasting Permit For Jefferson Quarry

Blasting at the Jefferson Quarry in Mankato could be over for good.

Mankato Director of Public Safety Todd Miller has sent a letter to quarry owner Jordan Sands, saying he will not renew the explosives use permit because the investigation has shown that the blasting there presents a danger to public safety.

Miller says if Jordan Sands wants to resume blasting at the Jefferson Quarry, it will need city council approval.

The blasting permit for the Jefferson Quarry was most recently suspended after a blast on August 8th sent rocks as large as bowling balls into the adjacent neighborhood, leading to some home and tree damage.

The investigation into that incident is currently in the hands of the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges against staff of the quarry. The criminal charge being considered is Negligent Discharge, which could bring prison time and/or a fine with if there’s a conviction.


Jefferson Quarry is also where a blast occurred on April 25th and seconds later, tremors were felt across a large swath of Mankato. A report paid for by Jordan Sands claimed that the tremors were from an earthquake, not the blast and that the two were unrelated, a claim that many locals do not believe.


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