Man Charged With Repeatedly Stomping Head Of Unconscious Man Downtown Over The Holiday Weekend

A 21-year-old man is facing a handful of criminal charges after an assault in downtown Mankato over the holiday weekend, leaving two victims bloody and bruised.

Khalee Ahmed Fox of North Mankato is charged with three counts of assault, along with disorderly conduct-fighting and riot-unlawful violence.

According to the complaint, Fox and three other men had assaulted two people in the downtown entertainment district around midnight Friday. One of the victims had been punched and knocked to the ground, with his head narrowly missing a limestone block. Then as he lay there unconscious, Fox allegedly stomped on his head, face and body repeatedly.

Fox also allegedly punched the other victim in the face. Staff from Rounders, where Fox and the other men had been kicked out of earlier, eventually broke up the fight.


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