Madelia Man Charged With Hanging Creepy, Naked Barbie Doll In Teen Girl’s Yard


The discovery of a creepy, naked Barbie doll has led to new charges against a 60-year-old Madelia man.

Myron Eugene Martwick is now facing two counts of stalking, aggravated violations with a victim under 18. He had earlier been charged with disseminating pornography and disorderly conduct.

The initial charges came after Martwick allegedly sent a Madelia man a letter with two pornographic pictures inside on July 10th. The photos showed a nude woman engaged in intercourse with a man, but the woman’s face had been replaced with the face of the man’s 15-year-old daughter.

The facial image of the girl used in the pornographic images was from her school picture. Police say a search of Martwick’s home turned up more photoshopped images of the girl.

Then on July 30th, the father found a Barbie doll hanging in a tree in their yard.

The Barbie doll had a white blindfold over its eyes, it’s lips were sewn shut with black thread and it had small rope-like strings attached to its ankles and wrists and nailed to the tree.

Police say Martwick told them he has unresolved issues from a prior marriage to a 15-year-old girl and he was taking out his anger about that incident on the teen victim.

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