Guns, knives, a hatchet, and a machete…all over a volleyball game at Bray Park, Madison Lake.

image source:blue earth county

Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call from Bray Park in Madison lake on Sunday that started with a volleyball game.

The complaint shows that 23-year-old Tyler Cluka had been camping at the park, apparently also drinking…. when he started taunting a couple of other men about their volleyball skills. The victim says Cluka walked away but then came back with a gun,  and asked ‘what are you going to do now?’

Upon arrival, police found a 16-inch long machete on a picnic table nearby and B-B gun buried in the sand. They also recovered a hatchet from the scene.

Cluka is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and making threats of violence.




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