Get ready to grill! Beef to be much more affordable this summer.

We grilled these bad boys up last night, and they were fantastic!

It wasn’t that long ago that red-meat-loving Americans were paying more for beef because of shortages.  This summer, not so much. Meaning there should be more — and more affordable — burgers and steaks at the supermarket this summer.

The increase in beef output in the U.S. will soon result in lower prices at the grocery store.

The price of ground beef has been on a steady decline in the last year, dropping about 9%, while steaks have dropped in price by 6.6% from the same time last year, according to a report from analysts at CoBank, noting that the decreases put beef more in line with often cheaper meats, such as pork and chicken.

Also, look for retailers with aggressive promotions, showcasing their best cuts front and center.


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