BREAKING NEWS…HOUSE PASSES NEW HEALTH CARE BILL: In a nutshell, here’s what the new health care bill means to you.

This is a major victory for the Republican party.

The journey for the new bill is not yet complete, but this is a good  look at what the new health care system will most likely look like.

Ends tax penalties, under the original Affordable Care Act, for individuals who don’t buy insurance coverage and larger employers who don’t offer coverage.

Ends tax increases on higher-earning people.

Cuts the Medicaid program for low-income people and allows states impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients.

Overhauls insurance subsidy system from one based largely on incomes and premium costs to a system of tax credits.

Federal payments to Planned Parenthood will be blocked for a year.

Grown children will still be covered with a family policy to the age of 26.

And, last but not least….An  amendment that would add $8 billion over five years to fund high-risk pools and go toward patients with PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS in states that seek waivers under the Republican legislation.


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