41 Year Old Janesville Man Charged After Brawl With Ex Wife’s ‘New Boyfriend’…

Charges have been brought against a 41-year-old man from Janesville who allegedly assaulted his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

Jeffrey Warren Severson Jr. is charged with two counts of assault and a felony count of burglary.

According to the criminal complaint, Severson’s ex-wife and her boyfriend were in bed in her Eagle Lake residence late Tuesday night when they heard a knock on the door. The boyfriend unlocked the door and opened it slightly and Severson then allegedly pushed his way.

The two then began fighting, knocking a hole in a wall and knocking a door off its hinges, as punches flew. The two men were still fighting when police arrived, but the officer was eventually able to get them separated.

Police say Severson told them that he was upset because his wife had a new boyfriend before their divorce was official, but that he was just trying to talk to the boyfriend when they started fighting.

A review of Severson’s criminal history shows a prior conviction for a qualified domestic violence related offense from March 2015.


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