Alleged Ring Leader In Kidnapping High On Meth, Alcohol



Thomas Barker, who has cerebral palsy, is the alleged acquaintance and ring leader of the kidnapping of  15 year old  Jasmine Block.

Barker and two friends, Steven Powers and Joshua Holby, allegedly threatened the girl and assaulted her repeatedly.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that Jasmine finally thought she had a moment to make her break.

“They went to the store to get some food,” she said. “And they said it would be about an hour.” She told KMSP FOX 9 in the Twin Cities.

Jasmine said that she had been left alone in one of the suspect’s trucks and she ran for it. She swam across a portion of a  lake before finding help from a local farmer in his vehicle, he recognized her and immediately called authorities.

Barker allegedly admitted to being on methamphetamine  and alcohol.


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