A breastfeeding doll?!

This is something we stumbled across this a while ago but it looks like it’s picking up steam for a US release… A Breast Feeding Doll meant for children to play with! 

The doll, Breast Milk Baby, is manufactured by a Spanish company that is planning to bring the toy over to the United States. As shown in an advertisement, the doll works by making motions and sucking noises when a sensor in its mouth gets close to a child’s shirt.
Breast Milk Baby has already generated more than $2 million in sales in Europe after its manufacturer, Berjuan Toys, released it four years ago. However, response to the toy in the United States has so far been mixed.
Some breast-feeding advocates support the doll, saying it helps teach children how to feed a baby in a natural way. Other parents are more disturbed, or even “grossed out,” by the doll.

So, what do you think about the ‘breast milk baby’??