Life in the Cubicle Village

A story we came across this morning outlines a new set of rules for an office in New York:

Among the no-nos: 

  • Deep-fried foods are strictly prohibited at get-togethers for health reasons — and no eating at your desk.
  • Employees must avoid wearing any product with a "noticeable odor" — including perfume, lotion and cologne.
  • Cell phones must be set to "vibrate" — no ringtones allowed.
  • Do not shout over cubicle walls — send e-mails instead.
  • Avoid any displays, photos or other personal items that may be offensive to others. No non-work related items in the workspace.
  • The pamphlet goes on to get very specific about certain details — popcorn must be air-popped, bagels and muffins must be cut in halves or quarters, and only one dessert portion per person at catered affairs.

    Do you have any fun-haters in your office?